Does ChimeHost truly offers unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth?

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The reason we offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth is because we want you to focus on our features and support, not on how much disk space and bw you get. Most people don’t realize how much disk space they actually need. We decided to offer unlimt. disk space and bw in order to remove those factors from your decision, because customer support and reliability make a good host, not a few extra gigs of space. We would never make a customer upgrade because they are using too much disk space or bandwidth. Generally when we contact customers for VPS upgrades it is because their sites are higher in CPU and memory usage, as some sites are just not suitable for a shared hosting environment. This would be true with almost host that runs shared hosting services — if one site on a server is ‘hogging’ system resources, it affects performance for everyone else. This is basically the only situation in which we would request a customer to move to a VPS.

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